SAM Coupé Roms

To play SAM Coupé roms, an emulator is required. Popular SAM Coupé emulators include SimCoupe v1.0 for Windows, SimCoupe v1.0 for Mac, SimCoupe v1.0 for Linux. View all SAM Coupé emulators.

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Title System Size Rating
Porno Disk 1 (19xx) (SAM Psychopaths Incorporated) SAM Coupé 658.0 KB
18 Rated Poker for 512k (19xx) (Supplement Software) SAM Coupé 58.0 KB
Porno TV (19xx) (PD) SAM Coupé 150.0 KB
Prince of Persia (19xx) (Revelation-Chris White) SAM Coupé 151.0 KB
Manic Miner (1992) (Revelation Software) SAM Coupé 38.0 KB
Cheats By Paul Crompton (1994) (PD) SAM Coupé 38.0 KB
Lemmings (19xx) (FRED-Chris White) SAM Coupé 298.0 KB
32 Colour Demo (1992) (Gordon Wallis) (PD) SAM Coupé 110.0 KB
Manic Miner, Splat, Mr Pac, Snake Mania, Craft Compilation (19xx) SAM Coupé 196.0 KB
H-DOS V2.12 HD Loader V2.0 (1996) SAM Coupé 56.0 KB
Adventures of Captain Comic, The (19xx) (Lars) SAM Coupé 109.0 KB
Integrated Logic's Madonna Strip Show (19xx) (PD) SAM Coupé 192.0 KB
Pipe Mania, EFPOTRM, Klax, Tetris, Defenders of the Earth (19xx) SAM Coupé 228.0 KB
Blitz Magazine Issue 4B - Sound Machine (1997) (Persona) [b1] SAM Coupé 72.0 KB
Spectrum Games (128K) Disk 01 (19xx) SAM Coupé 357.0 KB
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, The (1997) (Persona) SAM Coupé 279.0 KB
Bats 'n' Balls by David Gommerman (1992) (Revelation) SAM Coupé 48.0 KB
Sam Supplement Magazine Issue 50 (Nov 1994) [b1] SAM Coupé 170.0 KB
Hexagonia (Doesnt work) & Witching Hour (19xx) SAM Coupé 123.0 KB
Speccy Emulators (19xx) SAM Coupé 325.0 KB
Curse of the Serpent's Eye, The (1994) (Dream World Adventures) SAM Coupé 383.0 KB
Spectrum Emulator (Sept 04) (1990) SAM Coupé 109.0 KB
Allan Stevens Compilation - Spectrum Disk 1 (19xx) SAM Coupé 336.0 KB
Dyzonium, WaterWorks, WopGamma, Bugulators (19xx) SAM Coupé 220.0 KB
Defender - Persona and Digital Reality (1998) (Chris Pile) SAM Coupé 37.0 KB
Alternative Module Player - ALM & Tunes V1.2 (1994) (Aley Keprt) SAM Coupé 295.0 KB
Tetris (1990) (Lord Insanity) SAM Coupé 60.0 KB
Boing & Sphera (19xx) (Noesis Software) SAM Coupé 190.0 KB
Spectrum Games Compilation 01 (19xx) SAM Coupé 166.0 KB
Allan Stevens - 50 Programs to Play and Write (19xx) SAM Coupé 42.0 KB
Banzai Babes 1 - Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer by Dan Doore (1994) (PD) SAM Coupé 437.0 KB
Sam Coupe Demo Collection Disk 10 (1992) (PD) SAM Coupé 255.0 KB
Dissasembler (1993) (Chris White) SAM Coupé 159.0 KB
Robocop - Rolling Demo (19xx) SAM Coupé 299.0 KB
E-Tracker Program Disk V1.2 (19xx) (FRED Publishing) SAM Coupé 67.0 KB
GamesMaster 1.52 (19xx) (Betasoft) SAM Coupé 193.0 KB
Sam Paint (19xx) SAM Coupé 179.0 KB
Star Wars Slideshow 1 (19xx) (PD) SAM Coupé 302.0 KB
Master Basic V1.7 (1994) (Betasoft) SAM Coupé 325.0 KB
Blokker (19xx) (Stephen McGreal) SAM Coupé 50.0 KB
MasterDOS V2.1 (19xx) SAM Coupé 20.0 KB
Spectrum Games Compilation 18 (19xx) SAM Coupé 420.0 KB
Prince of Persia Demo (19xx) (Revelation-Chris White) SAM Coupé 130.0 KB
MasterDOS File Manager V1.0 (1991) SAM Coupé 61.0 KB
Blondie and Dagwood, Arkanoid, Prince of the Yolk Folk (199x) SAM Coupé 257.0 KB
Bombed Out, Nuclear Waste, Magic Caves, Blockade (1990) (Enigma Variations) SAM Coupé 58.0 KB
Arcadia Disk Magazine #1 (1991) SAM Coupé 203.0 KB
Wild Bunch (1984)(Firebird) SAM Coupé 20.0 KB
Astroball Demo (1992) (Balor Knight) SAM Coupé 59.0 KB
Kim Wilde - Gary Moore Samples (19xx) (PD) SAM Coupé 697.0 KB
Demo Disk (1994) SAM Coupé 311.0 KB
Lyra 3 Megademo (1993) (ESI) SAM Coupé 493.0 KB
Jigsaw Disk - Jigsaw Creator (1992) (Colony Software) SAM Coupé 476.0 KB
Arnie's Samples (19xx) SAM Coupé 222.0 KB
Allan Stevens - Capricorn Software Disk 1 (19xx) SAM Coupé 82.0 KB
Football League Manager (1994) (Key Software - FRED Publishing) SAM Coupé 283.0 KB
Arcadia Disk Magazine #3b (1991) SAM Coupé 496.0 KB
Allan Stevens Compilation - Games Disk 1 (19xx) SAM Coupé 154.0 KB
Ore Warz II (1990) (William McGugan) SAM Coupé 163.0 KB
Spectrum Games (128K) Disk 02 (19xx) SAM Coupé 398.0 KB
Sam Coupe Demo Collection Disk 01 (1992) (PD) SAM Coupé 470.0 KB
Arcadia Disk Magazine #3 (1991) SAM Coupé 284.0 KB
Allan Stevens - Capricorn Software Disk 2 (19xx) SAM Coupé 127.0 KB
Bowin and the Count Dracula (19xx) (Lucosoft and Revelation) SAM Coupé 86.0 KB
Allan Stevens Compilation - Spectrum Disk 6 (19xx) SAM Coupé 348.0 KB
Dino Sourcerer (1993) (Softdisk Inc.) SAM Coupé 48.0 KB
Comet Z80 Assembler V1.8 (1992) (Revelation) SAM Coupé 70.0 KB
Zeddy - ZX81 Emu and Programs 1 (19xx) (PD) SAM Coupé 273.0 KB
Triltex (1991) (Fred Software) SAM Coupé 46.0 KB
Banzai - The Games Compliation by Dan Doore (1995) (PD) SAM Coupé 332.0 KB
E-Tunes Player (19xx) (Andrew Collier) SAM Coupé 55.0 KB
Sam Adventure Club Issue 01 (Nov 1991) SAM Coupé 224.0 KB
Allan Stevens - Colour Cycle (19xx) SAM Coupé 134.0 KB
Fashoom! (1997) (Sad Snail Productions) SAM Coupé 171.0 KB
Blitz Magazine Issue 2 (1997) (Persona) SAM Coupé 360.0 KB
MasterDos - MasterBasic BootDisk Creator (19xx) SAM Coupé 59.0 KB
Ice Chicken Demo (1995) (ESI) SAM Coupé 88.0 KB
Blitz Magazine Issue 4A (1997) (Persona) SAM Coupé 331.0 KB
Gamesmaster 1.2 (19xx) (Betasoft) SAM Coupé 166.0 KB
Mind Games II (199x) (Enigma Variations) SAM Coupé 196.0 KB
Spectrum 128 - Myth and Escape From Singe's Castle (19xx) SAM Coupé 195.0 KB
Flight of Fantasy and Occult Connection Adventures (19xx) SAM Coupé 110.0 KB
Allan Stevens - Capricorn Software Disk 3 Unfinished (1994) SAM Coupé 204.0 KB
Banzai Babes 2 - Claudia - Elle - Kate Moss by Dan Doore (1994) (PD) SAM Coupé 416.0 KB
Game Dos - DVar 8.92n3 (19xx) SAM Coupé 12.0 KB
Allan Stevens Compilation - Gallery 1 (19xx) SAM Coupé 269.0 KB
ETracker Tunes (19xx) (ESI) SAM Coupé 27.0 KB
Spectrum Games (48K) Disk 1 (19xx) SAM Coupé 356.0 KB
Allan Stevens Compilation - Spectrum Disk 5 (19xx) SAM Coupé 327.0 KB
Spectrum Games Compilation 09 (19xx) SAM Coupé 337.0 KB
MasterDos - Utility Disk V3.0 (199x) SAM Coupé 197.0 KB
Towers Of Hanoi (1991)(-) SAM Coupé 28.0 KB
Blue Disk Show, The (19xx) SAM Coupé 454.0 KB
Andy Monk's Music (19xx) (PD) SAM Coupé 86.0 KB
Easydisc V4.9 (1995) (Saturn Software) SAM Coupé 144.0 KB
PD'90 The Best of 1990 (1990) (PD) SAM Coupé 218.0 KB
Spectrum Games Compilation 02 (19xx) SAM Coupé 401.0 KB
Allan Stevens - Home Utilitys (1994) SAM Coupé 30.0 KB
Allan Stevens - Learn With Timmy Under 6s (1994) SAM Coupé 59.0 KB
Shanghai (1990) (Fuxsoft) SAM Coupé 45.0 KB