posted by team 3 years ago (updated 2 months ago)

Have any tips on how we can improve the site? Please leave send your feedback in the comments below so that we and other community members can discuss your idea. If you'd prefer, you contact us directly, but open discussion below is preferred.


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leon.tipton 3 years ago

I just wanted you guys to know that you rock! It is very hard to find a site that isn't crawling with spyware, let alone actual full roms to use. This is a neat, clean commercial free trip down memory lane for me. And I thoroughly enjoy it. I was wondering about game boy advance. Is it still protected? or is it just you guys don't have roms? I have a few that I could contribute, if the latter.


Jendrej 2 years ago

It’s better not to anger the Behemoth whose name is Nintendo.


green_elk 2 months ago

Hi there! Well done! One of my favourite place on the net now. Thanks!


valdecirgdo 1 year, 1 month ago

Não consigo baixar jogos simplesmente não baixa!