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Running this site costs fair bit of money. Please donate to help keep the site alive.

We've been running this site since 1998 and often get feedback from users that RN marked their teenage years more than two decades ago. If you are one of these users, please consider donating so that we can get rid of ads altogether and keep RN going for the next generation.

We accept donations at the following addresses:

Bitcoin: 35kFsHwrhtQrgfBLjsuX38GoTgnrX4YKVk

Ethereum: 0xf7bd5fDC0cCa4B6d5fd84aD58d6B96Ba88944690

Litecoin: MSeHzKWYfehwHkZdau5jLzAVgzifhsA4Zy

BCash: 1adrMa111uPQTYVPj8A7boc1hH2a7Aq1X

If you donate, consider leaving a comment below sharing your story with us.

Thank you!


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