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 Capcom Vs. SNK B. Orchid 03-24-2006 01:20

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I guess this subject can be Anime since these games have been made into anime series/movies at one time.

Whose women are better; SNK's or Capcom's?

I would say Capcom just by a lil'; the main thought behind that reasoning is that Capcom has fewer women, because of that I believe Capcom had a better chance of putting more personality into them. SNK has so many women I can't keep up with them all. The only SNK woman who sticks out the most to me is Mai. Maybe Yuri a little bit.

My Fave is Chun li.

Cammy is okay too.
(Sorry Kameo, Pleased I know how much you like her)

"You can call me 'little Washu', okay?"

I will use a smaller sig w 500 px h 200 px is acceptable thank u come again!

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