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Registration Date: 01-20-2008
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hey guyz i thot tis was pretty cool, so i thot u shud check it out its from teh emulator zone forums

Z-Net is an mIRC script that connects netplay-enabled emulators, to help you find and set up online games with other people. Currently, only the Super Nintendo emulator ZSNES is supported, but with Z-Net's addon system, support for other emulators can be easily added later. Z-Net is still in the beta phase, so you may encounter some bugs here and there, and there may not always be someone active in the room, but the script is fully functional and still very intuitive.

Should you experience any problems, there is an install guide on the main page, and the room has friendly users that would be more than willing to help you with your problems. So be sure to drop by and check us out!

Z-Net Home Page
Z-Net Forums
Z-Net Install Guide
ZSNES Home Page
mIRC Home page
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