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Grocklon $posts[username] is a male

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Welcome to the Support Area of our Forum. Please read the following rules before making a request for help, as this will explain what your trying to do, and you can understand a few things before you make the request.


Rule #1: Remember, we are members here as well. We all have personal lives, which means.. WE ARE NOT here 24 HOURS a day waiting to answer questions. We WILL get to the answer as quickly as we can, and paitence is a virtue, try to learn it. I know you think that all the questions should be answered the minute that you post one, but as with most here, I am a busy person and as with the rest of the members, we do have personal lives that require time. That means, WAIT! And check back.

Rule #2: WE the members.. do you see this! MEMBERS, not Mods or Admins, or any other fancy title(s) are attached, are the ones that give you the answers you need. SO please be greatful, to the members when we take our time to try and answer your question. If you have a problem with a answer, OR the answer doesn't work, then feel free to come back and post the question again, with the result, and we will try and respond to you again.

And RULE #3: Remember to post the system that your trying to work with, and the version(s), I think that you'll find it very helpful if you mention all that before you ask your question! BE Detailed for all of us.

Rule #4: NO ESA related titles at all. We will inform you if you have requested information on a ESA protected title. At which point your request will be closed. Please understand we cooperate with the letter of the laws regarding ESA protected software.

**** BUT Remember! If you are RUDE, or any of the other wonderful things that go along with it, then it is VERY possible that your question will be ignored, and relegated to the "I don't give a F*CK file, and forgotten!"

Props out to the group that answers the questions.. and yes, you all know who you are.. and to the members that actually TRY to help with the knowledge we have gained thru trial and error.

So there you go.. the former "Un-Written Rules of a Support request" And now posted up so that it can be read. Read this and you'll find that if you follow these simple rules, you will get a better response, and you will get the help, as soon as we can get you the answer.

THANKS! And welcome to the support area!

If you continue to believe in the users then you will receive the standard SUB-Standard training, and you will fail in the games.

That is all.

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Well done, Grocklon! Pleased Surely required reading for every new person on the forum.
This is already in the main rule sheet, but also, if you don't get an answer to your question, it's likely no one knows the answer to it, and no one here wants to make a useless post basically saying "I dunno." In other words, posts like "well, does anyone know?" if the original question isn't answered probably won't help the situation and just piss people off.

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