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Registration Date: 09-03-2007
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Ok. How do I play Valis 3 and Valis 4 on Magic Engine? I go the 2 ISOs and when I mount the Valis 3 ISO, it freezes at this white screen(the part where it says "Lasersoft"). On ISO 4, whenever I mount it, it does the same thing but instead of freezing, it shows the screen and then goes back to the "Magic Engine press start button" screen. I tried to burn 3 and 4 but then I run their burned CDs on Magic Engine 1.00 and they say "Not PCE" or whatever it is saying(that was back when I burned those 2 ISOs with FireBurner). This time, I use Nero ROM and now they are recognized as a PCE game but they still can't get passed the part where it says "Lasersoft" at the beginning.

Also, I found some other downloads(will not say where) of the Turbo CD of Valis 1, 3 and 4. On Valis 1, there are 2 .cues. A regular and a MP3. FireBurner reports that there are 2 errors after the 29th sound file is used whenever I use the MP3 cue or the non MP3 cue and I don't know why I got 2 cues.

FireBurner cannot function with Valis 3 or 4(not the ones on this site, but another one) for some reason because I get this error about an "access violation" and I have no choice. There are alot of ISOs within 3 and 4 too.

Sorry but I am going to edit my post and ask to move it to the support forum, I thought I was in there and didn't know that I was in here. Could any mods move it there please?

(Btw, if anyone is going to give me some working downloads[assuming if the ones here or the ones I have are actually broken] of any of the Valis games, don't give me any sites that require you to donate)

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