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Amazing_Tater $posts[username] is a female


Registration Date: 03-15-2005
Posts: 646
Location: Bumfuck, OR

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Sorry, I should have put each one of those sentences on its own line.

I forgot that you can't read any other way.

It's me making fun of your "grammer".

Which I will still do because one typo doesn't compare to the onslaught of incoherency you subject the board to.

I guess you should have trained me better after all

since I still can't be as lame as you

no matter how hard I try.

OK, disregard the above

Here's my real flame:


your boring me


you cant make fun of me cuz i type just as good as you do

and my flames are funny and make sense to

and im a winner

so thar"

Is that better? Are we speaking the same language now?

Originally posted by Star Shadow
Mark my words, you a loser with no outside life, and you will live that way as long as you live.

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