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House Rules - ALL MEMBERS READ! Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

RomNation Message Board Rules - Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse

"Gentlemen, the rules of RomNation exist for your safety and the safety of your fellow posters. They are not flexible and neither am I. You will either obey them or you will be gone."

All message board users are responsible for reading and understanding the following rules.

RomNation's Language & Censorship Policy

As many of you have probably noticed by now, RN's policy when it comes to language is pretty liberal. Yes, cursing is allowed in all forums. There is no need to edit or censor you own posts with asterisks or pound signs or anything like that....unless you just really want to. However, there are a few things that you ARE NOT allowed to say here on RomNation. These include:

- Racial/Ethnic epithets and insults

- Insults or intolerance of those with alternate lifestyles

- Harassment of other members and/or threats of harm and physical
violence against them. *This is allowed in the Flaming Forum as long
as it is considered to be in fun and not serious.

Other than those things, feel free to say whatever you want.

1. Have respect for the other forum members. Refrain from insulting or personally attacking other members in the regular forums. If a legitimate thread ends up turning into a verbal brawl, that thread will be closed and the offending parties disciplined accordingly. If you feel the need to get into a pointless fight with a complete stranger over the internet, do it in the Flaming Forum. That's what it's there for.

2. Posting links to other rom sites is allowed within reason

3. Requests for banned roms are not allowed in the Rom Requests forum or any other forum. Any and all such requests will be closed by the moderators.

Banned roms include ESA protected roms found on this list:

Unoffical Esa Protected List

as well as Roms/Isos for more recent systems such as GBA, N64, PS1, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, DS, PSP, PS3, Xbox360 and Wii . This also includes requests for illegal PC warez as well. Be aware that posting links or URLs to sites where such roms/isos may be obtained is not allowed on the forums either. Romnation wishes to avoid any legal entanglements that could arise from this, therefore, do not use the site's private messaging system to send these links either. If you want to give someone a URL, do it via email.

**However, DO NOT email, PM, or instant message me or any of the other moderators asking for banned roms, or if we can send you Sega CD ISOs. If you want ISOs, get a Freedom Pass like everybody else and download them off the site.

4. Unless you need to post multiple pics, do not make double posts. Please use the Edit button in the post window if you have something to add to a message.

5. Post in the CORRECT forum. Sounds pretty self-explanatory to me. Just use a little common sense. If you have a question about MAME don't post it in the Console Gaming Forum or the Anime Forum. Moderators may delete any threads made in the wrong forum at their discretion.

6. On a similar note "Roadblocking" (ie posting the same thread in multiple forums) is also against the rules. Not only that, but it's very annoying to deal with. Please post your thread once and only once in the proper forum. Duplicate posts will be deleted at the moderators' discretion.

7. Do not post in a thread merely to "bump" it up above others in a forum. If nobody has replied to your thread it either means that

a. They don't know the answer to your question
b. They have no comment on anything you said.

8. Posting pointless drivel or "spam" is not allowed. And by spam I mean posting messages consisting of nothing but nonsensical phrases or words such as "lmao", "roflmao", or "dfredtitycdkityuikiopooppo$%^&#!", or even posting messages that consist of nothing but smileys like " Big Grin ", or " Crying " - This is spam.

Spam also refers to any pointless thread that you make for the sole purpose of promoting or advertising a website or service. Such threads contribute nothing to this message board and will be closed immediately. If you wish to advertise your website, you may do it in your signature, as long as it is not a link to another rom site.

9. No whining or complaining about anile's ads on the forums. And, under no circumstances DO NOT email or IM him or me asking if we can take them down. No one is holding a gun to your head and telling you to look at them or click on them. And they help keep this place going and pop-up free, so if you don't like it, you know where the door is.

10. I urge anyone considering signing up for a Freedom Pass account to CHECK THE ROM ARCHIVES FIRST!!! Make sure we have whatever it is you want before you decide to pay for it! I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT sign up for the Freedom Pass, then come into the forums and demand we find and provide a certain game(s) to you. This includes:

a. Any games that are on the ESA protected list

b. A different version of a Sega CD ISO that we have (i.e. the (J) version of Road Avenger rather than the (U) version that we have). Due to server space limitations, we do not (under most circumstances) host multiple versions of the same Sega CD game.

This does not mean that Freedom Pass subscribers cannot request games in the Rom Requests forums, however, they have to realize that the site's staff members that search for and upload the requested games do so on a purely voluntary basis, and are therefore under NO obligation to fulfill any such requests.

11. If a moderator closes a thread DO NOT revive it. The thread was closed for a good reason. If you feel that a moderator unfairly closed your thread, do not make a "Why was my thread closed?" thread. Send them a Private Message or an email if you have issues. However, keep in mind that the mods are given a certain amount of discretion when performing their duties and are under no obligation whatsoever to explain their actions. Harassment of the mods via PM, IM, or email will not be tolerated and is a sure-fire way to get banned from Romnation. EVERYBODY GETS ONE WARNING AND THIS IS IT!

12. Before posting a question in a forum (especially in the Support and Rom Request forums), check the sticky threads at the top of the forum first to see if your question has already been answered there.

13. The "English Is Not My Native Language" excuse will not be accepted here. I've seen it used (and abused) too many times on other message boards as an excuse to blatantly break the rules - mostly by people whose native language really was English (and just had terrible grammar). And while I do appreciate the fact that not everyone here at RomNation may speak English as their native language, or even speak it fluently, everyone that posts here on this message board should at least know enough to read and understand the posted rules.

14. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES make any posts on the message board forums asking the site staff or board members to make and send CDs with roms on them to you. This is highly illegal and not condoned here! Any such posts will be ignored and closed on sight.

15. Please do not make threads addressed to specific members. If you have something to say to a specific member, send them a Private Message. **However, restrict all Flaming comments to the Flaming forum. Do not send a Private Message to another member with the intent to flame or verbally abuse them outside of that forum. I view this as a form of harassment.

16. When asking for help in the Support forum, be specific about the problem you are having. It's really the only way anyone here can help you. DO NOT make a post that just says "I can't get <insert name of emulator> to work" or "I downloaded a copy of <insert name of rom/iso> from your website and it doesn't work". I'm sick to death of seeing posts like this and am going to start closing and deleting any threads like this that I see.

17. One account per member only. DO NOT make multiple accounts for any purpose! I can't think of a single legitimate reason for having multiple accounts, however, I can think of about a dozen bad reasons for having them. This is a serious offense, and if you are caught making multiple accounts, you will be banned from the RomNation message board.

**On a related note, using the old tried-and-true "I am <insert name of banned user>'s friend and I am just posting on his behalf" tactic will result in a banned account as well. Most of the time this is just a transparent ploy by a banned user in order to cause more trouble in the forums. If by some rarity, you do happen to be the friend of a banned RomNation user, DO NOT let them use your account to post messages, and DO NOT post anything on their behalf. Anyone who aids or abets ban dodging will suffer the same!


"Falling rainbows and changes of fowls' sexes are brought about by the interference of empresses and eunuchs in state affairs."

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