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Ezee G

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Playstation Sprite Capturing Tutorial:

Okay, assuming you cannot find any extractors for the file types included in the Playstation game disc, read this tutorial.

Materials needed:
1)Playstation game CD that you want to rip sprites out of
2)Playstation Emulator (find this on your own)
3)Camtasia Recorder, or similar program that can record the screen.
4)Hyper Snap-DX, or similar program that can make screenshots
5)Paintshop Pro 7, trial version is fine.

Step 1: Put the Playstation CD in your CDROM drive
Step 2: Open up your Playstation emulator
Step 3: Set the frame rate on your emulator to about 10 frames per second. Different emulators work differently, so consult the help files that should be included with your emulator.
Step 4: Open up Camtasia or similar program and make sure it is set to record at a rate of at least 10 frames per second. Again, consult the help files if you are having trouble.
Step 5: Play the game until you get to the sprites you wish to rip. You should probably get a savestate sometime before this. By the way, it helps greatly later on if the any of the background colors are not seen on the sprite.
Step 6: Open up Camtasia (or similar program) and begin recording the emulator window.
Step 7: Stop the recorder when you think you have recorded all the sprites you wish to rip, and save the file.
Step 8: Closing the emulator is recommended to conserve memory. Play the video you have just recorded and press pause so you can view each frame one at a time.
Step 9: Open up Hypersnap or similar screenshot making program and take screenshots of each frame where the sprites you wish to rip are in.
Step 10: Copy and paste the screenshot onto Paintshop Pro.
Step 11: Use the replace color tool to replace the colors of the background to a single color. An explanation of how to use the replace color tool will be seen later in this tutorial.
Step 12: With the background now gone, copy and paste the sprite into MSPaint to place in a sprite sheet.
Step 13: Repeat steps 9-12 until all the sprites you wish to rip have been placed in a sprite sheet.

How to use the Replace Color Tool in Paintshop Pro:
The Replace color tool is not too horribly complicated to use. First, make sure you set the background color to a color not on the sprite. So if the sprite you wish to extract is all green, a good color to use for the background would be bright purple or red. It doesn't matter what color you choose, as long as it distinguishes between the sprite and the background and is not seen on the sprite itself. Next, simply use the Eyedropper tool and left click on the colors you wish to get rid of. Select the Replace Color tool and DOUBLE RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the image. The color you selected with the Eyedropper should now be the same color as the background color you selected earlier. Repeat this process until all you see is the sprite and the background color.

And that's it for sprite ripping for Playstation. There is no denying that this can become a very tedious process, but that's just the way it is until someone can come up with a universal sprite extractor.

Hope that helped Wink

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