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Posted by $posts[username] on 04-15-2004 at04:18:

  List of which Emulators play which NES games

This is very much a work in progress, except that I don't plan on making much more progress with it myself. The idea is to have a list of which emulators open which NES games. 1 means it works, 0 means it doesn't, blank space means not tested (and be forewarned it's mostly blank, although each game on the list has at least one emulator).

If anyone has additions to this file, please edit it as you see fit and PM it to me or post it in this thread and I'll update the master file.

It's tab-delimited text so anyone can open it, but it looks best in a spreadsheet program (if you open the link directly it won't make any sense).

Posted by $posts[username] on 09-26-2004 at07:40:

  RE: List of which Emulators play which NES games

I've already tried doing this when I compiled my own set of NES games. There is one emulator that will play all except one, and that is Stadium Events. The emulator is called FCE Ultra, and it is really the only one I use. For Stadium Events, I use my second favorite one, the JNES. I could be wrong though because I only tested this against all licensed and unlicenced games. There is a whole slew that I haven't tried. Thank you. Pleased

Posted by $posts[username] on 09-26-2004 at09:16:


Why make a list? Doesn't FCE Ultra play them all? At least I've never run a ROM with that emulator that didn't work if it's a good dump.

Posted by $posts[username] on 09-26-2004 at09:53:


Then you haven't tried too many games. I've run into many that appear to have perfect emulation on a particular emulator but actually have deeper game play related issues that would go unnoticed without first hand experience of how the game is actually played.

Posted by $posts[username] on 09-26-2004 at09:58:


I don't think there's an NES game I haven't played, and I've run them perfectly with FCE Ultra already too. Whatever FCE can't do(which isn't much), you can use NNNesterJ for. You only need two emulators IMO.

Posted by $posts[username] on 09-28-2004 at12:54:


I'm still a strong proponent of VirtualNES for anything not needing a Power Pad, personally. It's got about a 95% rate of compatibility.

Posted by $posts[username] on 10-20-2004 at22:05:


i like fce too. i have found it will not run excite bike or tiger heli

Posted by $posts[username] on 10-21-2004 at06:51:


If anf of you want to update the list here with any games you know FCE ultra does or doesn't play I'd appreciate it. Just repost the edited file and I'll replace the original. I never meant for the list I posted to be a definitive list, just a starting point for others to add to. Unfortunately it never really caught on...

Posted by $posts[username] on 10-21-2004 at08:24:


i personally have found jnes to be very good. i think between it and fce ultra, that's really all you'll ever need to play nes games

Posted by $posts[username] on 10-21-2004 at19:20:


3-D Battles of World Runner, The (U)
Adventure Island 1 - 3
Adventures of Bayou Billy
Air Fortress
Bad Street Brawler
Ballon Fight
Bubble Bobble 1 - 2
California Games
Captin Skyhawk
Castlevania 1 - 3
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Contra Force
Double Dragon 1 - 3
Dragon Warrior 1 - 3
Dr Mario
Ducktales 1 - 2
Festers Quest
FF 1 - 3
GI Joe 1 - 2
Kid Icarus
Kung Fu
Marble Madness
Metal Gear 1 - 2
Mike Tysons Punchout
RC-ProAM 1 - 2
Ren & Stimpy Show
Robocop 1 - 3
Rush'n Attack
Skate or Die
Super Contra
Tecmo Bowl
Tecmo Super Bowl
TMNT 1 - 3
Wizards and Warriors 1 - 2

Posted by $posts[username] on 10-21-2004 at19:21:


ill have to try jnes to see if tiger heli works.

Posted by $posts[username] on 11-02-2004 at08:05:


cool games...

Posted by $posts[username] on 11-22-2004 at04:00:


which emulator works best with kirby's adventure

Posted by $posts[username] on 11-22-2004 at22:33:


jnes works best with almost everything. failing that, try fceultra

Posted by $posts[username] on 11-26-2004 at20:21:


nesticle works really well as far as i can tell, but nestopia is the best one ive come across. but i havent played ALL of the roms i have yet.

Posted by $posts[username] on 11-26-2004 at21:12:


Originally posted by zcarninja
nesticle works really well as far as i can tell, but nestopia is the best one ive come across. but i havent played ALL of the roms i have yet.

If you have any interest in adding nestopia to the file, and list whatever games you've had success with that would be great. I realize the file as I've posted it is only of limited use, but don't have time to test all games with all emulators...

Posted by $posts[username] on 11-29-2004 at02:35:

  RE: List of which Emulators play which NES games

i still use nesticle, i forget which version....its not the last one made. since i have a low end system the latest emu's run some games slow, i have to sacrafice things for fast emu. The only thing that bugs me about nesticle is there are no scanlines, and sometimes the sound fuzzes, and in certain games ie:crystalis theres a scroll bug so parts of the screen flash, or in other games you cant even see anything except the letter pallette spammed on the screen.

Posted by $posts[username] on 04-06-2005 at08:57:

  RE: List of which Emulators play which NES games

What about nesticle?

Posted by $posts[username] on 04-23-2005 at15:05:


Hasént anyone tryed Nester? it´s a good NES emulatior and you can download it here

Posted by $posts[username] on 12-05-2005 at22:41:





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