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Posted by $posts[username] on 05-19-2005 at19:08:

  Unable to find Neo-geo rom error message

I got the following message while trying to run NeoRagex : "Unable to load neogeo system bios rom "neo-geo rom" ! I tried copy-pasting the rom I got off romnantion (, but it doesn't seem to work. Little help please?


Posted by $posts[username] on 05-20-2005 at09:50:


Well... for my neoragex, i've got the neogeo files unzipped, sitting in the same folder as the exe is. It works.

Posted by $posts[username] on 05-20-2005 at10:25:


Weird.. that's exactly what I did and still no results. What is ADK world anyway? what type of game? I can,t seem to find it in the normal rom section.

Posted by $posts[username] on 05-20-2005 at10:30:


Its a Neogeo CD game u really need to be more aware of the gaming systems ur trying to run otherwise all we're doing is guessing wen trying to help

the 2nd post applies in ur case

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