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Posted by $posts[username] on 01-10-2008 at01:13:

Attention Attention ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS!

Due to the on going forum software problems here at Romnation the Moderation staff and long time members are no longer supporting Romnation forums I invite u to post at our new forum if u need help with ur emulation woes and join our great little community

Posted by $posts[username] on 01-16-2008 at12:30:

Attention RE: $post[posttopic]

The 15 or so people who made up 95% of the traffic here have all gone to the new forum The ROMNation forums have a wealth of knowledge, so feel free to use the search function. However, if you have a question and want someone to answer it, or just would like to be part of the emulation community, I recommend registering at the new site.


PS If you have any questions, I created a sticky to explain the registration process as its a little funky.

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