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Posted by $posts[username] on 12-22-2007 at11:31:

  gameboy pinball game

hi im looking for the name of a pinball game that was playable on the old game boy.
its a pinball game and its about crocodiles.
if u hit the targets are small opening will arrive which gets u to the higher level , but if the ball falls again , u drop back to the lower level.
the higher stage , the more points.
some of the higher stage was shooting crocodile eggs.
other then that i dont have much more info
it was just a flipper game with crocodiles
thanks in advance and alrdy a merry christmas to everyone

Posted by $posts[username] on 12-22-2007 at14:18:


Pretty sure about this one, except I don't have a screenshot.
Revenge Of The Gator?

Posted by $posts[username] on 12-23-2007 at03:41:


Heres a pic of it

Posted by $posts[username] on 01-06-2008 at17:04:


yes!!!!! thats the one , i been looking for this game for like 3 years
thanks so much man , sorry for my late reply
i forgot i made this topic , but thanks a million!
woot Big Grin

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