Malware warnings caused by vulnerability in ad server

Submitted by anile8 on 09.17.10 at 10:56 am (comments)

Yesterday, September 16th, 2010, a security vulnerability (http://blog.openx.org/09/security-update/) in our ad server allowed an attacker to inject malicious JavaScript into the ads served on our site. As a result, Google flagged our site as potentially hazardous.

A number of other major sites were compromised as well, including The Pirate Bay (http://www.thinq.co.uk/2010/9/17/pirate-bay-ad-flaw-downs-more-servers/) and After Dawn (http://www.afterdawn.com/news/article.cfm/2010/09/12/vulnerability_in_openx_advertisement_server_afterdawn_s_ads_affected_as_well).

We have patched the security hole in our ad server and remedied the damage caused by the attacker. Malware is no longer being served by our ad server. We have contacted Google to have the malware warning removed from our site.

A big thanks to all our loyal users who sent us emails early yesterday morning warning of the strange behaviour!

Technical Problem Resolved

Submitted by anile8 on 05.21.06 at 3:48 am (comments)

The site was down the last 20 hours because of a hardware failure on our web server. Our technicians worked hard to identify exactly what had happened, and managed to resolve the issue by replacing a couple of parts. Service is now back to normal. We thank you for your patience.

0-byte Files Fixed

Submitted by anile8 on 02.19.06 at 2:54 pm (comments)

Following Wednesday's short downtime, the site was experiencing a bug whereby MAME, Sega CD, and NeoGeo CD roms would download as 0-byte files. The bug has been fixed. Files now download as they should. As a sidenote, the slow download speeds experienced after the downtime were caused by some network problems that were resolved as well.

Recovery Successful

Submitted by anile8 on 10.20.05 at 1:44 am (comments)

Due to various technical issues, ROMNation.NET was offline for the last three days. We are still working out some kinks but everything seems to be running as it was. ROMNation.NET Freedom Subscribers should note that we will be awarding them an extra five days (two day bonus) to their subscriptions to make up for the downtime. Thank you for your patience; we hope you continue to enjoy our site.

Yesterday's Downtime

Submitted by anile8 on 06.21.05 at 10:47 pm (comments)

You may have noticed the site was offline for about 24 hours starting yesterday night through to today. We ran into some technical trouble. Fortunately, we were able to resolve it within a day. We apologize for the inconveniance this may have caused you.

Several Titles Removed

Submitted by anile8 on 06.17.05 at 10:31 pm (comments)

A few years ago the IDSA demanded that we remove a number of intellectual copyrights from the site. We met their demands. Today, the IDSA, now known the ESA, demanded the removal of seven additional properties. By their demand, the following intellectual properties are no longer available for download on ROMNation.NET:

Brute Force
Final Fantasy
Ultimate Fighting Championship

Two New Site Features Added

Submitted by anile8 on 02.06.05 at 11:55 am (comments)

Firstly, our search engine now allows for advanced searches. Secondly, the top rated files section can now be sorted by system.

MAME Set Updated to Version 0.90

Submitted by anile8 on 02.03.05 at 3:20 pm (comments)

Our MAME set has been updated from v0.77 to v0.90, adding 753 roms to our collection. The MAME emulators have also been updated to v0.90.

Five New NeoGeo CD Roms

Submitted by anile8 on 12.13.04 at 10:02 pm (comments)

Aero Fighters 3
Crossed Swords
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - The Newcomers
Real Bout Fatal Fury

Please note NeoGeo CD roms are only available for download to RN Freedom Pass subscribers.

NeoGeo CD Section Inaugurated

Submitted by anile8 on 11.27.04 at 4:26 pm (comments)

After many days of hard work, it's now open for downloading. In total, sixty-two roms were added.

Please note that due to their very large filesizes NeoGeo CD roms are only available for download to RN Freedom Pass subscribers.

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